Body Building Routines – Work Out Tips For Beginners

Most people don’t think of the exercises that bodybuilders perform when they think of a bodybuilder. They usually focus on the huge, rippling muscles. The exercises that make up the basis of a body building routine are the same exercises that many athletes use in a strengthening program to condition themselves for their particular sport. This article will cover work out tips for beginners in the sport of body building as well as anyone just starting to train.

The basic exercises that you need to know and use are these:

1. Bench Press – This primarily works the chest muscles. It is also useful in working the anterior part of theĀ shoulder as well as the triceps muscles. There are variations of this exercise which include flat bench, incline and decline bench press.

2. Squat – Many believe that this exercise is for working the quadricep muscles of the thigh; however this exercise really works all of the leg muscles. It is a great mass building exercise for the legs and should be a staple part of any weightlifting routine.

3. Dead Lift – Another staple exercise for building mass and power. This exercise is great for developing big, thick back muscles. It also contributes to developing size and strength in the upper body and the legs.

4. Military Press – Primarily works the shoulder muscles; secondarily works the arms.

5. Bent Over Barbell Rows – A great movement for building large back muscles. This exercise can be alternated with bent over dumbbell rows to strengthen weak points in your lats.

Any work out tips for beginners will focus on performing these basic exercises. Combine these with proper nutrition and some cardio and you will be well on your way to developing a strong, symmetrical, muscular physique.