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Sunday, May 5th, 2019
2pm to 4.45pm
Keshen Goodman Library
Lacewood Drive, Halifax, NS

Taking Your Book From Draft to Divine
Presented by Michelle Helliwell

For many writers, revisions is where the magic happens...but how do you approach it? Do you really have to kill your darlings? This workshop will give you an overview of how the editing process works, and the mindset you need to dig in and create the best story you can.

For this workshop, it may be most helpful for you to have a project in mind that you're working on for general discussion about what your next steps might be.

Next Meeting

Sunday, November 4th
2 - 4:45 pm

Location - Keshen Goodman Public Library

The Romantic Dynamic

What pushes your characters together, what pulls them apart and how that dynamic fuels your story

Presented by: Author Deborah Hale

Deborah Hale sold her first book to Harlequin twenty years ago and has seen massive changes in the publishing industry since then. After writing thirty books for various Harlequin imprints, Deborah began independently publishing new content and older titles to which she has regained publishing rights. 
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Authors Brenda PearsonDeborah HaleMichelle Helliwell, Nikki McIntosh and Cathryn Fox representing RWAC and spreading the light at Word on the Street in Halifax

Welcome to Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada

a chapter of Romance Writers of America

Next Meeting
Sunday, September 9th
2 - 4 pm

Location - Online

Romancing the Plot 

A Quick and Easy Guide to Planning your Next Story

Ever feel confused or overwhelmed by the Hero’s Journey or the Three Act Structure and how it relates to plotting a romance? Join me in a discussion about what you need to know ( and what you don’t ) about story structure to quickly start – and finish - your next romance novel.
Presented by Anne MacFarlane

Word on the Street

Join RWAC on Saturday, September 15th, 2.00pm at the Halifax Central Library for a discussion on Romance and Indie Publishing Success!

About RWAC

Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada, a chapter of Romance Writers of America, is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to enhancing the craft and art of writing, providing industry knowledge, and advancing the careers of our authors. RWAC offers a supportive environment and opportunity to learn about the romance publishing industry and the craft of writing.

RWAC supports diversity. Our members and books encompass an array of sexual orientation, politics, racial and ethnic backgrounds.
Please note, we are a chapter of Romance Writers of America. You must be a member in good standing with Romance Writers of America, in order to qualify for a membership with RWAC.