Statement from the Board Members of RWAC

The Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada (RWAC) strives to be an open and supportive environment for those who dedicate themselves to the craft of romance writing and the romance publishing business.

We are watching the events unfolding within Romance Writers of America (RWA) with great concern. The decision (since rescinded) of a 2019 ethics complaint that penalized a member of RWA for pointing out racism in a published book, and the subsequent fallout, are troubling. Further, RWA’s handling of the current crisis does not inspire confidence or demonstrate a professional standard such an organization should hold.

The Board of RWAC wants to reassure both present and future members that we reaffirm the values of support and inclusivity for all those who identify as romance writers, published or not published. There is no place for racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of marginalization that devalues a person’s dignity in RWAC. In the upcoming weeks, RWAC will be examining its relationship with RWA, and decide if its mandate of supporting Atlantic Canadian romance writers is best accomplished by taking a different path. This decision will be made by the membership together, in an open and transparent process. 

Next Meeting
Sunday, Jan 19, 2.00 pm
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About RWAC

Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to enhancing the craft and art of writing, providing industry knowledge, and advancing the careers of our authors. RWAC offers a supportive environment and opportunity to learn about the romance publishing industry and the craft of writing.

RWAC supports diversity. Our members and books encompass an array of sexual orientation, politics, racial and ethnic backgrounds.